Krabbit World Labyrinth is the first step towards H.O.M.E. (Humongous Online
Multiplayer Entertainment), a new style of MMO gameplay. KWL offers over 40
hours of game play, 35 minutes of Original Music Score by Screaming Tigers ( ). KrabbitSoft strives towards innovation in
gameplay and controls, creating a completely new and unique play for the entire
family. Our current gamers range from 8 year olds, 44 year old moms, 26-43 year
old guys, hard core and casual gamers alike and they are all luvin’ it. 3rd
person style game, heavy on the combat, with cartoon violence only. The female
characters are strong but not over the top. There’s rpg elements to it through
character building, quests and loot drops. Each character has 34 unique
animations and plays differently. You can choose your own way to build whether
it be weapons or powers. Characters grow as they level.