Pilot earth’s last remaining ship through hostile alien worlds in this original side-scrolling arcade shoot-em-up featuring high-res graphics, digitized sound effects, and MIDI music. Intergalactic war has decimated earth’s forces. You must travel through the JumpStar, a newly discovered method of traversing astronomical distances in seconds, and seal the other side to prevent the invaders from returning to attack the earth again. Enjoy six different weapons, including guns, missiles, hunters, wave beam, lasers, and plasma shots. Defeat the huge boss at the end of each level in order to seal the JumpStar. A built-in stage select allows you to play the levels in any order, so you can jump to your favorite level at any time. When you register, you will receive an upgrade containing 5 new levels, plus cheat codes for unlimited lives and power-ups. Tighten your harness and prepare for battle.