JONAS for DS is inspired by the Disney Channel Original Series starring the
Jonas Brothers, whose characters juggle everyday school and family life as it
collides with the pop star world. The game lets fans play as three of the
hottest rock stars on the planet, Nick, Joe and Kevin Lucas. Players help the
band, JONAS, tear up the stage in six concerts, hang out with friends Macy and
Stella, and visit locations such as the brother’s firehouse and school as seen
on the TV show.

JONAS also features popular tunes sung by the Jonas Brothers on the show,
including "Live to Party," "Keep It Real" and "Why," which players can jam to in
performance mode. In addition, players can customize the brothers’ outfits for
cool looks in school and in performance mode. In story mode, players collect
musical notes to power up their guitars and then strike the right guitar chords
to overcome obstacles.

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