Players of all ages are instantly drawn to the plight of Ivy, introduced to
the charming bird through an unfolding storybook style, first seen as her orange
head and beak break out of her shell and cries for her mother. Receiving no
response, Ivy sets off through a dreamy forest, meeting many birds but none who
share her resemblance. As she wanders, she stumbles upon a single glowing red
feather and the first clue of her mother’s whereabouts.

Presented in a beguiling storybook-like art style, Ivy the Kiwi? utilizes a
unique control scheme on both the DS and Wii to guide Ivy through her daunting
journey. Ivy moves back and forth freely and independently of the player through
timed 2-D side-view landscapes, and is guided by the use of vines created and
controlled by either the stylus or Wii Remote as players aim to collect more
orange feathers through the stages to boost their overall score. These stretchy
vines herd Ivy forward, upstairs, over walls and dangerous spikes and other
menacing obstacles. Multiple vines may be created and used in conjunction, and
an existing vine can be pulled in a slingshot motion to propel flightless Ivy
skyward or forward as a projectile to drill through barriers and enemies. Vines
bend and flex with the motion of the stylus or Wii Remote, but pulled too far
and they snap!

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