There’s nothing quite like the long ball. The four-bagger. The big fly. Bringing the heavy lumber and rocking a tape-measure blast clear into the upper deck. To many of us, hitting a home run is but a dream. Well dream no longer, as you’ll be knocking balls out of the park like a pro in Home Run KING by Sega Mobile. Choose your batter and get ready to go downtown against a pitching staff that serves up blistering heaters, freezing changeups, and looping curveballs. You have 10 outs to try to hit as many homers as possible, while collecting various awards and bonuses. Aim for the point multipliers, and watch your score skyrocket faster than the average big leaguer’s salary. If you’re ready for hard-hitting fun on your mobile phone, you may have what it takes to become the Home Run KING.

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