Gorky Zero events take place a few years before the times of Gorky 17 as we participate in one of Sullivan’s first missions that is a secret operation in the Ukraine. The game belongs to a popular sneak-em-up genre, and its action takes place in a real time. Cole Sullivan prefers to stay in the shadow but in the face of a real threat, he can pull out a gun and get rid of all his enemies.

The action in Gorky Zero will be shown from two cameras. The first type of shots is like an isometric projection so that the hero can survey his surroundings and plan the sabotage. Specific operations like disarming and “neutralising” the enemies, are viewed from behind the hero’s back. Cole can very easily lean from round the corners and shoot the guards from a distance without even being noticed. Our true novelty this time is called Silent Kill. This technique enables the hero to kill an enemy with just one blow from even a simplest type of a weapon, provided that he aims well and comes behind the enemy’s back completely unnoticed. The hero has a radar device to help him orientate in the field. The radar indicates the positions of all enemies who are relatively close to Sullivan. That very device is also meant to help him in finding out whether he is being followed by the guards or whether the guards are simply performing their duties and patrolling routes in a given area.