You are one of the Chosen, a great warrior who has lived a thousand past
lives and fought in countless battles. Reincarnated and reborn, your heroics are
now needed once more. The world has been shattered by the powerful forces of The
Fade and only the Chosen can take to the battlefield to fight and recover Fury
Essence. And it is this Essence alone that will provide the protection to save
your Realm from destruction. Through your skill in combat, you will recover the
lost memories of your former life and with them, the ancient magic and powers
long forgotten. As one of the Chosen, you must reveal your past to fight for
your future.

Overview: Fury takes an innovative new approach to multi-player action. It
combines the pick up and play nature of an FPS with fast paced RPG combat and
the social elements of an MMORPG. Add to all this more than 400 skills to
unlock, a totally flexible, classless character system and a matchmaking system
that ensures evenly matched contests.

Fury is the ultimate competitive online PVPMMO.

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