In Fort Zombie, players will find themselves trapped in the small town of
Piety, Indiana. Faced with no other choice but to find shelter from an impending
wave of zombies migrating from a nearby metropolis, players will be challenged
to choose a building to be their Fort throughout the entire campaign. By
effectively focusing efforts on building up this structure, in between scouring
town for supplies, and searching out and training survivors, players will have a
shot at surviving the massive zombie onslaught.

For the few remaining citizens of Piety, each new day brings more fear. Only the
most prepared citizens of Piety will stand a chance against the zombie
infestation. Choose from a variety of daily tasks and efficiently build up your
characters stats and skills as you battle blood-thirsty invaders and attempt to
avoid total infestation. But the most important thing of all is that you build
up your Fort if anyone is to have any hope of surviving your last, big stand-off
against the coming undead swarm.