As the leader of the Union or the Confederacy, you will be faced with
historical decisions on the military, economic and diplomatic strategies to
pursue. The diplomatic and economic systems have been streamlined and improved
since Crown of Glory to be more user-friendly and also suited to the period.
Rather than multiple minor nations, each state has its own Governor and they
will make demands on you and shift their attitudes according to events. In
addition, you will have to manage diplomacy with the European powers to try to
sway them towards or against intervention. Over 1,000 historical generals are
included along with an option to know their abilities ahead of time or have to
find out the hard way, as happened historically. Railroads, rivers and cities
all play important roles, as do elections which occur at both state and national
levels. Every effort has been made to bring you as thorough a simulation of the
American Civil War as is possible, from 1860 to 1865, from the skirmishes and
raids in the West to the pitched battles in the East and the Naval blockade.

The turn-based structure of Forge of Freedom moves the game at whatever pace
the player decides. Forge of Freedom gives complete control over military and
developmental policy making. The new engine and methods used for diplomatic,
economic and social strategies make running a country fast and easy. While your
armies march across a regional movement map, battles will allow you to play at a
smaller scale as we saw in Crown of Glory. In the detailed battlefield map each
side is trying to capture and achieve objectives, making forts and defensive
outposts more critical and important.

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