The new FISHING MASTER WORLD TOUR offers players more than 200 different
types of fish to catch, enabling them to reel in fish from their native waters
around the world in the first ever global fishing game on Wii. Players now have
over 40 different locations to fish from in 7 different regions. Whether players
are catching fish on Easter Island, under the Golden Gate Bridge or on the
Amazon River, they will encounter numerous exotic locations in this fishing

Staying true to the first version’s realistic controls, aspiring Fishing
Masters use the Wii RemoteT and NunchukT as they battle to hook the fish on
their line, just like in real life. Players must move the Wii Remote left and
right as the fish fights from the end of the line and adjust their drag so their
line doesn’t break. Once gamers have the basics down, they can try their
newfound skills by competing with friends via new enhancements made just for the
sequel – four-person multiplayer modes! In Wi-Fi mode, players compete online
against other Fishing Masters over who will catch the biggest fish in various
worldwide locations. Gamers will also enjoy local multiplayer battle which
enables them to play against their friends and family members in a variety of
different battle modes.