Three classic games from Fathammer all on one card…
Angel Fish
The Sirians came and conquered. Your cities lie in ruins and the alien attackers have stripped the last of your planet’s resources. Your species has been extinguished, your culture completely annihilated. Everyone you know and love is dead. There is nothing left but vengeance. That’s bad odds. Take the role of a futuristic fighter pilot and unleash the awesome firepower of the Angel Fish. Beautifully hand drawn parallax environments complement this intense old school 2D shooter. You get all the intense action of an arcade game, in your pocket.

Stuntcar Extreme
The Player races against zany characters on various tracks with difficult hills, jumps and other stunt racing obstacles. The player has three different racing modes available to him: Arcade mode racing for quick thrills, ascending the ranks of stunt drivers in the Championship-mode or Multiplayer challenges via Bluetooth.

The game is set in the 1980s: the cars and overall look and feel of the game reflect this fashionable retro style. In the world of Stuntcar Extreme, Bullitt meets Cannonball Run – sideburns flaming! Extreme racing equals extreme fun!

Super Drop Mania
It’s the simple things in life that often give the most pleasure. And Super Drop Mania is no exception. Enjoy colourful and simplistic gameplay at its best. While maintaining the addictive nature of the original game, Super Drop Mania brings additional depth to the party in the form of special combos, allowing smart players to rack up monster scores. Add beautiful, vibrant backgrounds and catchy audio and you have the most pleasurable experience to be found