In the middle of the 22nd century mankind’s thirst for excitement has spawned
an evolutionary sporting event that draws from the combined disciplines of rally
racing, demolition derby and high-performance aeronautics. In this brave new
world of combat racing, gravity-defying machines are no longer confined to the
speedways and stadiums of centuries past. In this grand spectacle of racing, the
amphitheatre where drivers must prove their superiority is the untamed
wilderness. Through harsh environments spanning dense rainforests to immense
glacier fields, and canyons of razor-sharp rock there is little room for error
as drivers will reach speeds of over 500 mph. But Fatal Inertia is not merely a
test of speed. The brave men and women who choose to compete must face the
mental and physical punishment of low-altitude combat maneuvering.

In Fatal Inertia each craft will be armed with a unique array of
unconventional weapons that manipulate velocity, force and even time. Explosive
magnets that impact racecraft stability and rockets that can counter thrust and
velocity are just some of the dangers drivers must face. But with each racecraft
hovering just a few feet from the earth, any misguided attempts to evade or
dislodge these weapons can result in total (if not fatal) disaster.

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