Become a farmer and experience the thrill of driving heavy modern farm
equipment as you try and feed the world! Grow and harvest crops while utilizing
a variety of vehicles and implements over the 900+ acre island in your quest for
farming greatness.

Start in a sparsely-equipped farmhouse with old equipment and set to work
plowing, cultivating and seeding fields. With wise planning and hard work, the
resulting harvest will provide you with the financial resources to better equip
your property and increase your productivity!

Eventually you can become the owner of a beautiful sprawling farm as you
drive to expand your fleet of farm machinery, increase your efficiency, and
diversify your crops. You can choose between seven beautifully detailed
tractors, four combine harvesters and over 20 tools such as a plough, seeder,
baler, self loading wagon, and more! For dedicated farmers, Farming Simulator
allows you to download additional vehicles and equipment with automatic mod