Farm Frenzy 3 introduces Scarlett, a country girl who’s as smart as she is
pretty. Scarlett doesn’t like how Orson, the president of the Farmer’s Union,
has been pocketing the dues of farmers and then refusing to help them in their
hour of need, so she sets out to win the presidency by helping the farmers get
back on their feet the old fashioned way: working hard!

Long-time fans and new players alike will be challenged to sling hay in five
countries, beat 90 outrageously fun levels, tend to 15 wacky animals and
purchase more upgrades than ears in a field of corn! And as players grow crops,
feed animals, collect produce, manufacture goods and improve their
infrastructure, they’ll be treated to some of the zaniest humor and animation to
ever grace a casual game!

You won’t need a shed full of tools to win, though; all you’ll need is your
mouse because Farm Frenzy 3 will be as simple to play as its predecessors. Just
don’t expect it to be as easy to master!

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