EyeToy: AntiGrav represents the first step in incorporating EyeToy into character control gameplay through the use of facial and body recognition technology. It is also the follow up to the highly successful EyeToy: Play, which sold over 4 million units worldwide since its release, and EyeToy: Groove, which enables players to dance in time with one of 28 licensed songs.

For the first time, players will move their body, not a controller, to guide their 3D character in steering, jumping, ducking, grinding, acceleration, braking, and tricks, as they interact with the environment and avoid obstacles. An original, interactive soundtrack produced by Apollo 440 changes according to the action on the screen.

Advanced motion tracking and body recognition technology enables racers to control their character in a marionette-like fashion, providing a level of physical immersion unprecedented in videogames. Gamers will fly past mile-high skyscrapers, drop off death-defying vertical cliffs and weave in and out of flying traffic at breakneck speeds as they progress through 10 dynamic levels spread out over five unique futuristic locations. Gamers can pick the best racing line and discover hidden areas and unlockable sections along the fast-paced courses. Compete against three AI-controlled hoverboard racers in Speed mode, or challenge a friend as you race alongside the

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