In Emergency Mayhem, Crisis City is living up to its name and its citizens
are panicking. Fires rage, bombs are ticking, monkeys have taken over the
supermarket and everyone’s calling 911…

As the city teeters on the edge of collapse, players take charge of the
emergency services and attempt to bring order to the mad metropolis. As
instructions from HQ crackle in through the Wii Remote speaker, players take to
the wheel of a fire truck, ambulance or police patrol car and race, against the
clock, through the bustling city streets, dodging traffic and driving down
shortcuts to reach the incident scene.

On reaching an emergency, play switches to one of more than 30 mini-game
challenges and the Wii Remote is used in a huge range of wild ways to save the
day; ranging from putting out fires, restraining prisoners, practicing CPR, to
hurling bananas at out of control monkeys or herding escaped penguins to safety!

No area of Crisis City is spared the mayhem. From the fairground at the beach
to the sky-scrapers of downtown, players will be delivering city dwellers to
safety in four precincts across eight diverse environments.

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