For the first time in the franchise, up to four friends can join together to
form a tactical "Strikeforce" with history’s mightiest warriors. Working as a
team, players can plan coordinated assaults to conquer massive armed fortresses
and colossal beasts.

The game’s heart-pounding action will go where it has never gone before- the
skies above. Gifted with new supernatural powers, characters can unleash new
"Fury" transformations, streak across the skies and battle enemies in the air.
Completely re-designed levels featuring immense castles, towers and ships serve
as the backdrop for these legendary quests and battles with massive bosses.

With both single-player and multi-player quests, new "air" fighting
techniques, radical character customization, new challenges to conquer, and
downloadable content, Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce will forever change the way
you experience the Dynasty Warriors universe.