The original foul-mouthed alien annihilator is back, with an over-the-top adventure that is bigger and more explosive than ever. Alien scum bags are traveling through time in an effort to take over the earth, and Duke is the only man with enough testosterone to stop ’em.

Zero Hour is dripping with the same sarcasm and attitude that has made the Duke series such a huge success, and it carries the same ESRB rating as well: Mature. As if the buckets of blood weren’t enough, Duke’s dry wit ensures that this game should not be played by children under 17. If you can bear the tasteless humor and gory gameplay, get ready for one of the most entertaining action games on the system.

Who Wants Some?

Duke Nukem is a seasoned veteran of the video game business, complete with his own action figure. Nintendo 64 owners were first introduced to the raunchy ruffian in Duke Nukem 64. In Zero Hour, GT Interactive has made a major effort to ensure that this title offers gamers something completely new.

The most noticeable change is that the traditional first-person perspective has been dropped in favor of more visually striking third-person view. A solid storyline provides the backbone for intense time-traveling action, and mission-based objectives have replaced simple switch puzzles. Duke is still Duke, though, and he spits out more one-liners than Rodney Dangerfield while building the body count.