Crash Commando, a PS3 title exclusively for download on PLAYSTATION Network,
is a side scrolling multiplayer shooter game pitting two arch-enemy commando
factions – the Grunts and the Jarheads – against each other in an all-out fight
for world supremacy. Developed by EPOS Game Studios, Crash Commando is a
fast-paced, humorous multiplayer game with over-the-top, slap-stick action that
features exaggerated gore and effects. Combining the thrill of frenzied
multiplayer combat with the straightforward nature of a classic side-scrolling
platform title, Crash Commando is accessible to all players and it is the
perfect combination of modern, sophisticated technology and traditional gameplay

The player controls a commando with a range of weapons and other equipment at
his disposal, including a jetpack, C4, jeeps and tanks. Each map consists of two
gameplay layers the player can seamlessly move between via portals in the
environment. In Crash Commando, action, mayhem, frenzy and turmoil take center
stage as particles, flames, explosions and bodies controlled by rag-doll physics
insure there is never a dull moment. With a host of both multiplayer and single
player modes included, players can enjoy Crash Commando either on or offline.