The Dark Elves enter the Blood Bowl arena with their own Star Player,
cheerleaders, new model designs and unique animations. These evil cousins of the
Wood Elves hold their heads high and have only one goal: prove their supremacy
to all! To celebrate their arrival, enjoy these first exclusive Dark Elves’

Dark Elves combine Elven agility with a cruel brutality. They are perfectly
at ease playing the ball or crushing skulls with their callous fists.
Furthermore, their Witch Elves excel in that field, as long as they don’t get
caught up in the euphoria of battle! Dark Elves are masters of deception and can
also call upon deadly Assassins to instill fear (and the cold blade of a
dagger!) in their adversaries’ heart.

An ultra-violent strategy game based on Warhammer Fantasy and American
football, Blood Bowl allows players to create the ultimate

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