BattleStations: Pacific is the immense sequel to the critically acclaimed
Battlestations: Midway. The innovative franchise returns to complete the entire
Pacific War with two massive single-player campaigns, the historically based US
campaign and a historically possible Japanese campaign.

Players will experience one war through two epic sagas to be a part of
history or change it. Commanding the US Fleet, players relive the grandest and
most critical naval battles of the Pacific War and for the first time, as the
Japanese, players lead the IJN Fleet to a completely different ending to the

No other game delivers the challenge of an RTS with the rush of real-time
WWII flight and naval warfare. Players need intelligence and expertise to plan
their moves in order to remain one step ahead of the opponent. The players
command both strategy and action to anticipate every opponent move and turn the
tide of war.

Twice the size of the original, the sequel includes 28 major battles, 100
units including 21 new units, five new innovative multi-player modes across
eight new multi-player maps, and new features which include island capture,
kamikaze attacks, and an improved easy-to-use interface.

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