Treasure and adventure waits for those who are courageous enough to delve
into the dangerous world of Age of Pirates 2. Start your buccaneering career by
choosing to go it alone and become the most feared pirate on the seven seas or
prove your loyalty and take the coin of one of four different navies; French,
English, Spanish or Dutch.

Sail the high seas as a swashbuckling dread pirate or as a dashing naval
captain. Explore strange new countries and undiscovered civilizations, raid and
plunder merchant ships, fortified ports and cities. But beware, the dead do not
sleep easy, and in the dark South American jungles myth and reality intertwine.
Solve the ancient mysteries of a vanishing tribe, cross swords with the most
notorious swashbucklers ever to sail the ocean blue and make sure that no foe
ever sets foot on land again.

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