In AFRIKA, players step into the role of a freelance photographer exploring
a brand new conservation area. They’ll document the wildlife and photograph
incredible sights such as a titanic clash between hippopotamuses, a pride of
lions watching over its playful cubs, and a cheetah’s lightning-fast chase as it
runs down its prey! All of the game’s animals and environments are rendered in
photorealistic detail with animals that move, behave, and interact with each
other just like their real-world counterparts.

The photography in the game is as meticulously modeled as the animals
themselves; players will need to learn from the game’s innovative photo-grading
system and compose their photographs with the eye of a professional photographer
if they want to earn top dollar. The money they earn can be used to purchase new
licensed lenses, cameras, and safari equipment. If players are good enough, they
just might find their photograph on the cover of National Geographic.

Produced in cooperation with National Geographic, "AFRIKA" features a wealth
of information about each of its animals, including footage and photographs from
the magazine!