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Hyrule Warriors

Hyrule Warriors Review: Surprisingly perfect blend of franchises

I'm all about Dynasty Warriors spin-offs. In fact, when I first played Dynasty Warriors: Gundam, my head filled with...

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disney infinity 2.0
Super Smash Bros.

How I went from thinking Super Smash Bros. was a kids game, to respecting it as a fighting game

I’ve never taken Super Smash Bros. seriously. My reasoning came from my experience when I worked for a Summer Camp...

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female assassins creed aveline

Looking deeper than the '48% of gamers are women' stat

Let me make this clear: the point of this article isn’t to debunk the fact that more females are playing games,...

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Mario Kart saves lives

Those who say video games are a waste of time and poison our youth can go suck an egg. There's proof that video games...