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Survive The Wasteland and customize the ultimate combat vehicle to overtake even the fiercest enemy.

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Mad Max quietly delayed to 2015


Avalanche Studios' Mad Max has been quietly delayed to 2015. Originally due out in 2014, the new release window was tacked on at the end of a new trailer highlighting Max's Magnum Opus vehicle.  Mad Max was... read more

Matt Liebl posted this news over 3 years ago | Comments

Mad Max up for Pre-order on Xbox Games Store

Mad Max up for Pre-order on Xbox Games Store

The Mad Max bundle is up for digital pre-order and download on the Xbox Games Store now. For the standard price of $59.99, the bundle comes with the Grizzlegrinda hood ornament for the Magnum Opus car body. A spinning, bladed... read more

Mike Boccher posted this news over 2 years ago | Comments
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