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Default-user Zombie_on_your_lawn
Resourcetap said:
I kno some people who were really looking forward to this game on their wii u. It's basically the only game they've been looking forward to.
Nothing wrong with a Wii U Limp Noodle.
Default-user Zombie_on_your_lawn
Ricolala said:
Yeahhhhh riiiight. "It's not coming to the US" GIANT SARCASTIC QUOTES
It sold well enough here that they might not need to make the cut...
Default-user Zombie_on_your_lawn
Kissdafist said:
That's right, milk it for all it's worth EA.
They'll probably milk it more than CoD got milked.
Default-user Zombie_on_your_lawn
Hmm I might just buy this! I'm a sucker for pets and companions
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