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While FWG has offered some nice classics they are nothing to be excited about. GOW (if you really want to revisit it) was availiable for free with Judgment so its pretty unlikely that anyone who is a big enough fan of the franchise to replay old titles doesn't have it already. And some of the lesser games like Shoot Many Robots are just notoriously crappy. I mean Rainbow 6 Vagas? Gr8 game but if I really want to play it again I can get it used for under 5$ PS+ on the other hand has saved me hundreds of dollars in gr8 titles. All the best Vita titles were ready to DL on the day I bought it. Uncharted, Gravity Rush, Wipeout. These are all titles I would have otherwise spent 40 bucks a pop on. In addition 'older' titles are only a year of 2 old like Hitman and Sleeping Dogs. I have both services and like them for different reasons, but if you're making your decision. Based on free content alone , PS+ is the clear winner here. Tip: if there's a PS+ title you want for later and don't have the HD space, DL and cancel it. The title will appear in your DL history, and be availiable for free DL even if it is no longer being offered. I do this for any title I'm not going to play I immediately.
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