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Default-user Zach Hanks
"Project *insert codename here*" that was supposed to read . . .
Default-user Zach Hanks
It has nothing to do with her taking pride in her work, and I resent the author spinning her comments in that direction. I've voiced & directed close to a hundred games, and we very rarely know who we're playing until we arrive at the studio, and even when we're there, they often conceal the identity of the character, labeling it as "Male #2" or something similar. It has nothing to do with the interest level, commitment, work ethic, or character of the actor. It usually has to do with concerns of confidentiality. When auditioning, we're often reading for "Project ," because the studio doesn't want the title leaked. AND we're asked to sign non-disclosure agreements JUST TO AUDITION. This article is incredibly offensive, the author is ignorant of the realities of voice audio recording, and the actress mentioned would be very right to demand an apology.
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