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Default-user Yuki Dooki
Riddlemethis said:
I'm the minority here I guess, but I played all the campaigns for CoD. Sure, they aren't always good (MW2 was decent IMO) but they do teach you how...
Shoot? They don't teach you how to shoot. They teach you how to use each gun that you'll be using in multiplayer though. It DOES do that.
Default-user Yuki Dooki
caribeener said:
Love me some Wil Wheaton.
He's not Beatlejuice...
Default-user Yuki Dooki
I'm almost too excited for this game
Default-user Yuki Dooki
Diotrigger said:
Who plays this still!?
It wasn't that bad. I just think the story was weird. IDK.
Default-user Yuki Dooki
Have to give people a taste of it so that they can't live without it!
Default-user Yuki Dooki
This game has stolen the lives of my friends :(
Default-user Yuki Dooki
Loved this game glad to hear I can play it again
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