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Default-user Youula
So Riot is bored right? Like...can't they just let a good thing be?
Default-user Youula
Mr. Hands said:
Yeah ok great selection.
Sarcasm or not? This is a bundle that requires care - you know?
Default-user Youula
So they are probably coming out in November or something far away.
Default-user Youula
Shipping Date said:
Great glad to know they still exist but uh how about a real date
We'll get one probably 3 months before it releases...
Default-user Youula
EdlinU said:
It's harsh way of lookin at it but totally realistic. Other devs take those risks and end up screwing themselves over.
totally agree
Default-user Youula
While there aren't many racing games on the ps4 catering to the largest audience isn't dumb
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