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I assure you it is not a case of fandom. Yoville is like a real town with real people inter acting and being social. Building our homes just the way we want. I cry when I go to my homes and see all the work i put into them or my pets i have. They will be gone all gone. I am disabled and this is my way of dealing with my world by going places in yoville I can not in real like. I can do active things i can not do in real like. I can jump on a bouncy , get in the ocean or ride in a boat, my shark who bites me and spits me out. Oh I could go on and on. I can dance and rock out and play instruments . It is endless. Taking that away from the people of yoville and from me is like killing a part of me. I cry .for yoville. I hope that Big Viking Games will adopt us and take care of us the way we should be. I just do not know what I will do without yoville to feel whole again.
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