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Oh can I add little big planet where after completing game you can craft your own levels with millions made by gamers to download. Tearaway, child of light, virtues reward, wipeout 2048. Then there's terraria a 2d version of minecraft. Sonic all stars racing has loads of characters to level and race tracks to unlock. Disgaea 3 is a grindfest of epic proportions where you can level characters to lvl999! Metal gear HD contains metal gear 2&3 supplying over 60 hours. Even dynasty warriors 8 extreme, one piece, god of war collection, need for speed, zen pinball 2 (star war and marvel tables are cool for racking up points). And to a new generation of gamers could try these epic classics on psn store, all 60+ hour games:- front mission 3, final fantasy 6, 7, 8 or 9. Final fantasy tactics, tactics ogre, patapon 3, puzzle quest, trails in the sky, chrono cross, grandia, monster hunter freedom unite, persona 1 to 3 ... plus so more!! There's so many games on Vita it's a great surprise!!
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