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I have a Wii U and stand by it. My son is looking forward to us getting Zelda WW HD, I am looking forward to Watchdogs (I am currently playing Splinter Cell Blacklist on the U), my wife loves watching NetFlix and my daughter love playing Just Dance 4. We have a 360. And we've put it to good use. My son and I still play a little Skyrim when we're in the mood to do some return visits to the Elder Scrolls. I used to have the Gold account but I cancelled it because I felt like I should not have to pay a monthly fee to watch NetFlix and/or surf the Internet or watch YouTube videos when i can already do it for free on the Wii U (No, we do not use our phones or tablets to do this). I hope more 3rd party support eventually comes around. But only time will tell with that. I'm not in control of that stuff. But I will lend my support by purchasing Nintendo 3rd party stuff that interest me. Emphasis on 'interest'.
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