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Default-user XLegencary21X
The days leading up to E3 are such a tease
Default-user XLegencary21X
Celestial_Seagull said:
Unfortunately I don't have any interest in all of these...but Animal Crossing New Leaf...Now THAT is a different story!
Yea these seem like quick cash grabs.. Maybe if i saw some gameplay or something... also, what is with Tokyo and monsters invading?
Default-user XLegencary21X
Some of the most creative, innovative games release on the PS3
Default-user XLegencary21X
I'm shocked that Activision was allowed to butcher this series like this. Awful, awful, awful.
Default-user XLegencary21X
ChickenFoot said:
I wish i made this game.
Just play it. You get to enjoy it without the stress.
Default-user XLegencary21X
I hope this game doesn't blow. After Tabula Rasa I'm not so sure Richard has the same capabilities
Default-user XLegencary21X
Looks intriguing, but I hope it's at least somewhat different than Bastion
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