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Default-user World Stop
Uh ok that was funny and creepy haha
Default-user World Stop
I...thought it would be a more epic screenshot.
Default-user World Stop
Ensures at least 3 DLC packs that will be at least 10-14$. I don't know how I feel about that.
Default-user World Stop
Diotrigger said:
Hope this doesnt get delayed it need the improvements.
They won't delay this...At least I don't think so.
Default-user World Stop
Pork said:
Maybe 2K was trying to make him create more BioShock games and forcing it. He said no good on him.
Let's hope he did it for the sake of the series.
Default-user World Stop
MorninGovna said:
RIP BioShock. That's so unfortunate.
Faster and cheaper, sounds like 2 all over again.
Default-user World Stop
Nerdasaurus said:
Thank god for the Defuse fix that was so annoying.
Unless it worked in favor of your team lol!
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