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Capcom really expects us to believe that there was no other way to deliver the DLC other then a bundle pack that requires us to pay $40 AND a new copy of dragons dogma? This is ridiculous yes the base game is included in the bundle along with the DLC but to to have to shell out money for another copy of the base game is absurd! and they offer 100,000 rift crystals unlimited farrystones and 6 new armors but there is really nothing worth purchasing with rift crystals except hair and skin pigments, and at this point in the game purchasing farrystones is NO problem what so ever since some items sell for 1,000,000 gold unlimited stones isn't appealing either the only thing that's worth anything is the armor pack. they say that the original game was never meant to be expanded yet its VERY clear that with all the DLC already out they intended expansion packs yet no "hooks" were applied in the original code? this is laughable Capcom already has a bad rep with its past DLC in other games. This was meant to happen in the first place and you not fooling anyone Capcom!
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