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Default-user Will landers
I'm still impressed by the awesome animations and graphics of the last if us on ps3. Anything better is just icing on the cake. I honestly prefer chilling in the living room seeing Awesome graphics on my 60 in plasma. Not really a fan of rigging a laptop or pc buying an end table to sit then on next to my tv, buying adapters to output to my tv, having to close all programs , figuring out which knock off gamepad I want to use, or clicking a little mouse to shoot, or having a virus ridden operating system run my pc that freezes all the time , not wanting to upgrade my gpu every six months (just to see Nathan drakes (wait not on pc), just to see Adrian petersons ( wait not on pc), just to see leisure suit Larry's pubes with a few more pixels . No offense to pc gamers in generally but you pc. Superiority complex gamers make me giggle. Go ahead and get your NASA station up and running just to have a few cooler shadows on the same game I just hit input to change to on consoles
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