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Well, I must say I heard a lot about the Banner Saga, some good, some bad, and it all made me very curious about the game. From the artwork to the gameplay, some hated it, some loved it. Me, I would rather play the game before deciding on a side. Now you know why I want the game, I'm curious and I would love to satisfy my curiosity and create an opinion. But why should I win the game? In your own words why do I deserve it? Well, I'm a gamer since the Dreamcast (if that still counts for something), am I Indie suporter (I invest way more into indies then AAA, there is so much potential out there, why waste my money suportinng huge corporation intead of helping out the little guy), huge strategy, RPG an stealth fan (yeah, I know it's not realy related, but screw it), and I run a Podcast for Eurogamer Portugal! So yeah! Free advertising for The Banner Saga (wink wink, nudge nudge)! Well I made my case, so It's up to you guys now!
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