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I agree that if you can't afford $15/month - which equals roughly 50 cents a day - you have bigger problems than lack of content. Also Forbes magazine recently ran an article which should reassure anyone they not only won't go FTP, they don't need to: out of "subscription-based MMO titles for 2013" ***worldwide*** they not only lead the pack they have an extremely comfortable lead. Their revenues comprise 36% of market share. The #2 MMO Lineage? They only have 9%. As the article states, " ... it's more clear than ever that World of Warcraft has not only weathered the storm, but continues to thrive even in the face of a declining model." P.S. I am thrilled to pieces to pay $15/month to play my most favorite game ever, so no complaints from this gamer! P.S.S. I can also still afford everything else in my life and do not feel shackled to the game the way the author does. If I get to play 3 nights a week for a few hours at a time, I consider my subscription money well spent. Still cheaper than going to the movies. In fact, my subscription to WoW is cheaper than any hobby I might pick up, and instills me with a feeling like I'm "saving the world". Granted it's a virtual world, but that's still pretty amazing for $15/month. ;) Here's the link to the Forbes article:
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