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molotovMartini65 said:
I still occasionally bring up that rockstar site that has the screensaver running over and over, just to listen to that eerie and catchy Kifflom tune
YES! Love that song
Valdangerous Val Dangerous
TwoTonTesla said:
So... is this going to be Heavy Rain esque?
I'll be joining the gamer ranks after I buy this game
Valdangerous Val Dangerous
yet more reasons why I'll just stick to my iphone. if all I can do is play games on the Vita, it needs to be cheaper
Valdangerous Val Dangerous
Been playing Infinity Blade since you guys announced it went free for Valentines. This does look pretty great too, might have to check it out, except I like to wait for deals. It's probably way to early to be thinking about this dropping to free anytime soon hah
Valdangerous Val Dangerous
DKR kicked my ass on the Wii, and it will continue to kick my ass on the 3DS for sure
Valdangerous Val Dangerous
Dunkmaster said:
That skin is freakin awesome. He looks a bit like Tony Stark.
totally does!
Valdangerous Val Dangerous
This was humorous, if not terribly overdone
Valdangerous Val Dangerous
What a sweet valentines day present to myself :)
Valdangerous Val Dangerous
Eh, I'd wager every RE fan already owns RE5 on Steam anyways thanks to it being on sale like a 100 times for 5 bucks.
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