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Default-user Vagrant
His ears are so small! It's so funny
Default-user Vagrant
Daggy Waggy said:
I really don't like sports games....
Some of them are good, not all.
Default-user Vagrant
Gadeemaaa said:
What are they doing though?
Probably adding features and fixing bugs? Isn't that what maintenance is?
Default-user Vagrant
Wonder where MS is at...
Default-user Vagrant
Ashe said:
Titanfall, DarkSouls, and Stick of Truth! Gonna be so good!
Yeah those are some of the best picks!
Default-user Vagrant
I wish I got to try him out on the PTR.
Default-user Vagrant
Awesome! I already know who I want to invite to my Platoon!
Default-user Vagrant
Yuki Dooki said:
I have no clue as to what they were saying but they look excited!
Yo everyone looked excited everywhere it launched
Default-user Vagrant
This is random but is there a second TV doing everything that this one is doing in the background?
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