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Sony have been pathetic with their immature jabs at MS, especially seeing as they had a DRM policy and $500 price tag with a mandatory Eye before finding out it was met with criticism on the Xbox One. They used Xbox's honesty and enthusiasm against them to fool customers into thinking PS4 was consumer friendly and Xbox were a big evil corporation, bloody disgusting. Instead of just presenting their console and letting the customer choose for themselves which is better, they manipulated consumers. Xbox have been a good sport throughout, Xbox congratulate Sony and Nintendo on their success and wish them the best for the future while Sony make lame jabs at MS, they need to grow up. It's a shame as I would have been more than happy to buy a PS4 but not after hearing their childish little bullying. I've owned practically every console from the past 25 years and I now own an Xbox One and am buying a Wii U soon, the two game companies I am happy to support, Sony can go to hell. I will never buy another Sony console after how disgusting they've been, out of pure protest.
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