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Swann said:
So what you are saying is that you are an idiot who wasted $500 on an Xbox One for a game that you can buy on a Xbox 360 or PC. Got it.
Right because those who think like you are the smartest tools in the bunch? You are a ignorant fanboy who thinks every pixel that looks pretty in a game is a game worth playing huh? Sorry but you are the true idiot. Xbox One has ALOT going for it and its sad tech retards like you dont see that. Voice commands, fun multiplayer gaming and it will only get better with Xbox One. You act like Xbox been out for a year and its only been three months. PC dude is garbage and boring and for those of us who spend a 9-5 working on a PC dont want to come home to get back on a PC in a upright position like a keyboard monkey. PC has always bern overrated and BORING. Xbox One brings excitement, high end fun and the greatest social experience there is known to any gaming console known to gamers. PS4 is too focused on indie and single player games, PC is too focus on being the prettiest girl in the room and Wii U....I will leave them alone. Stop hating on Xbox One because you can't afford one or you never had one and just want to jump on the PC like a good little keyboard monkey. Monkey wanna banana?
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