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Default-user Twilord
Interestingly, I'd have chosen a different set almost completely bar for 3D World and Pikmin (partially because Mario Kart seems to obvious) - not to downplay W101 or Monster Hunter! I just think that Wind-Waker HD, Nintendoland (there are three games in there that can and should eat your life), and if it counts Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Directors Cut (which makes stellar use of the Gamepad in countless little ways and fixed the original's flaws for the most part), but Lego City: Undercover if it doesn't. Then again we could easily get someone coming along and saying that Donkey Kong, Rayman, Zombi-U, Resident Evil, and Assassin's Creed: Black Flag are the best things available on the machine...
Default-user Twilord
I think he's concerned for the industry as a whole, and he should be. Smart move now would be to make REALLY tempting exclusives for all three next gen console. One each.
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