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Default-user TurkyChiken
boopity said:
I bet it's the same shit. It always is!
Indie + one kind of big game.
Default-user TurkyChiken
Riddlemethis said:
Resogun is really fun. I wish I had played it before now >.<
Play all the Resogun!!
Default-user TurkyChiken
Theorycrafting begin: Sunken King > Water Temple from Zelda reimagined. You never escape and you always lose.
Default-user TurkyChiken
Took em long enough. The controller should have been PC friendly from the get go.
Default-user TurkyChiken
Cant get enough of these types of games
Default-user TurkyChiken
Ook you in the dooker said:
The videos for this game are fucking great
The black magic one, the wiggles one hahah
Default-user TurkyChiken
Anonon said:
Ahhh! Looks like armor in WoW!
Kind of. The armor in WoW looks kinda better but they have a history of developing armor
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