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quantum break... horrible trailer. seriously. WTF is that? They showed no actual gameplay for anything. What they should have done is have someone come out and say this is halo 5 on xbox one, and then start the game. or, here's dante's inferno 3 on xbox one! show actual gameplay! showing cuts does not show what the system is capable of, nor does it make people want to buy it. the gamer wants to see how amazing the graphics of his/her favorite game will be. they better have tried and true games at launch. plus, we need to know if its backwards compatable! no doubt that it will launch on or before PS4 (NOV 19), but that totaly f's over everyone buying all of the titles coming out in the oct-nov time frame, for example, battlefield 4, and GTA5! why waste the 60+ bucks on these titles if you can save it and use it on the new system? They need to address the not being able to play used games rumor. does that mean that people using gamefly will have a useless account or the ultimate demise of gamestop? They showed us nothing during this reveal. lots of new smart phones aren't even compatable with smart glass! they made it seem like if you don't by the windows phone, it won't work! so 1/3 of the stuff they are saying makes it so great, won't benefit anyone without a windows phone, or the small number of other phones that are compatable with it. this is what the launch should have been... no people talking, just the big screens. the screen reads... ladies and gentlemen.... Xbox One... then actual gameplay from all launch titles... then a voice will say skype will be awesome on this. thats it. all info will be available on the xbox website, and the price will be revealed at E3. Boom. they have no clue what people want.
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