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Default-user TurbineXX
Poophead said:
Last day and they didn't even go out with a bang!
This is Microsoft...
Default-user TurbineXX
Why is the PC size so much bigger? I don't understand?
Default-user TurbineXX
So this is how the get the football fanatics on their system.
Default-user TurbineXX
First they have beef with WoW cause of bones now BF4 cause some DLC? Lol they need to not be like Korea
Default-user TurbineXX
Does YouTube even know what they are doing? They are ruining so much smh.
Default-user TurbineXX
Dues said:
And so the Xbox One is getting higher scores on avg for their games? Well, Sony looks like you might be in trouble!
They were in trouble the moment issues with the PS4 began to spring up!
Default-user TurbineXX
We all knew it would sell well. I remember CoD guys bein like "Oh we will break their records" well, the bars been set.
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