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Default-user Tropik
I'm glad they made the choice not to degrade the games quality.
Default-user Tropik
They just randomly do shit like this. Riot tell me in advance!
Default-user Tropik
I wonder why they put it on sale right away...
Default-user Tropik
Curiously said:
Yeah that's so people can buy Vel'Koz without feeling bad!
They totally knew people would buy RP just to get him, they are too smart >.<
Default-user Tropik
That Res Evil Revelations port wasn't bad at all so I have hopes this port won't blow.
Default-user Tropik
Boba Mer said:
I didn't blame Nintendo for this I don't think they'd have even taken notice.
Hell yeah they would...they'd want a cut of his profits!
Default-user Tropik
I bet it was the death threats.
Default-user Tropik
I always think, yeah, I can play these old games. Then I try to play them and just can't get over the graphics.
Default-user Tropik
WholeFish said:
They've got a lot of stuff to work on before they release DLC. I hope that's why its gonna take so long
I agree! There's so much that needs to be fixed!
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