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Default-user Triple D
But no one will even know cause no one owns it.
Default-user Triple D
K, this sounds awesome why haven't I heard of it before? Will you guys have a review?
Default-user Triple D
Nintentoast said:
Sounds like they plan on giving you a lot for the extra 20$. I say they should have free stuff too...considering the delays.
Giving roses after you messed up^^
Default-user Triple D
I just want my pets to live man
Default-user Triple D
Gradient said:
Uncharted fits so well in the game. Love these skins and Minecraft. Heavy Rain really doesn't go well with it though.
Yeah Uncharted is good in the mix. Killzone too for the fighitng servers
Default-user Triple D
Weeaoo said:
I don't mind digital. I like having the ability to access my library anywhere I go.
Easy, don't use Origin.
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