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I'm also adding to that to emphasize. Think about it. They are even using the excuse off the back of their greed to do it! Attitude seems like "Oh we gave you soooo much we just can't fit it all in the new game" As if they did us a favor with so much content that they charged us for. After all, they could of chosen select content such as pools to place in, but no of course they have Expansion content already planned out. It's may be 'just a pool' but it's not. It's the straw that broke the camels back with me believing Sims 4 would be any different then the cash grab EA does with every IP it touches. So Pre-Order Canceled.
Default-user Tre3eZ
Sounds like an EA cash grab. Pool! In the Summer Expansion $20 Trees! In the Gardening Expansion $20 Content that should of come with the Original Game! $500 It feels like we are on The Sims 19 cause of all flooded expansions. Good 'ol greed. Look at this from another point of view. "While it’s not possible for us to include every single feature and piece of content we added to The Sims 3 over the last 5 years, we’ve added features that you’ve asked for" "And though pool building won’t be available in September" On one hand they are saying, we added what you wanted YET on the other hand they know damn well people wanted pools and left them out. This is so screaming an incoming EA Cash Grab. Pools are going to be added later, much later. But it will cost you. Way to destroy another IP EA. You wonder why people hate you? Worst Company 2014 - Beyond EA.
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